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About my Family Tree:

Over the years, my parents and I have been collecting genealogical information regarding our family.
This web site (established in 1997) presents a large portion of this information, covering over 1500 names.
The software we used to build the database is Brother's Keeper (shareware).

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Here are some words about each of my ancestors' families:


Yehuda Schechter known as Louis Hyman emigrated from Soroka, Besserabia, Russia to Liverpool, England and settled in Swansea, Wales at the turn of the 20th century. Married Chayasara Sapoznicoff from Mogilev, Russia. His offspring include several branches that have settled in Israel.


Aidel Rosenfeld was the second wife of Yehuda Leib Schechter, and was the mother of Louis Schechter, Paishe and Sora Alta. Paishe's offspring are the Morris family of London and the Schechters of Detroit, USA. Sora Alta's family are the Baratz family of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


Chayasara Sapoznicoff's second husband was Louis Hyman (see above). Her brother Micha (Levitt) and family settled in Liverpool and her sister Chanita married into the Morris family that settled in Swansea, Wales.


Jacob Stupjack was born in Solchin, Russia. When he died in Russia, his wife Scherna Schechter came to England arround 1906, where her son Mottis Stoops married into the Davotich family. Two other children, Bertha and Leon settled in Argentina, where they died in 1947 and 55. The last son Yidel who lived in Besserabia probably perished with his family under the Nazis.


Myer Davotich lived and died in Russia. His wife Fagi Schniederman sent her children to Manchester, England. One of them, Annie, married Mottis Stupjack in 1913. Their offspring include the Bennet, Stoops and Newman Family of Liverpool, the Samuels and Levys from Manchester and the Levy family from Dublin, Ireland.


Father Schniederman was born in Kovno, Russia. Died in Jerusalem (Palestine) losing all his money in a bank in Jaffo. His family who he left behind in Russia eventually settled in England. Offspring of this family include the Marks and Blacks from Bournemouth, England, Barrish and Samuals from Manchester, England, Levy family from Australia and Stoops family from Liverpool, England.


Aaron Hawkinyoff arrived in England in 1887 from Odessa with his sister Fanny and his mother Mary. His only known relative was Naomi (Nehuma) Lazerovitz, his first cousin, who emigrated to the USA. Aaron changed his name to Hawkins and worked as a tailor.


Peska Raiza, with Sara and their widowed mother Annie Flugel, emigrated from Veliuona, Kovna Gaburna Lithuania, in 1887 and moved to Birmingham, England, to join their sister Rachel.


Isaac Newman was born 1846/8 in Poland and emigrated to Leeds, England around 1867. He was a tailor.


Muriel (Miriam) Voycherosky, from Poland, was married to Isaac Newman before they emigrated via Germany.


Abraham and his brother Myer probably took the surname Jackson because their father's name was Jacob. They emigrated to Sunderland, Northern England in the early 1800's from Margonin, W.Prussia. Abraham married Rose-anna from Holland. Their offspring married into many of the families which made up the local Jewish community.


Rev Yitzchak Posener was born in Koyle, Poland (Kolo in Poznan District) and came to London with his wife Lilian Judith (Lux?) (probably married in 1854), son, Marks, and maybe some of his other children in the 1860s or 1870s. He was a shochet in London. Changed name to Cohen on advice of Chief Rabbi Adler. Marks was a pawn-broker.

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