Yom Hazikron

Yom Hazikron

הודעהעל ידי מוריס ב 02/05/2006

This is the first yom hazikron we have been in Israel since Talia died.For me this is also a national day for Talia as I consider that she was killed just like a soldier by friendly fire.I know this is not officially recognized but when I hear the stories of soldiers falling in the line of duty frankly I cannot see the difference.

If there was a national day for road accident victims maybe I should feel different but as I told her to-day in the cemetry if we had been at peace the road she was travelling on would have been properly built & a 3 ton army ambulance would not have have been speeding towards her.

Our pain & sense of loss is no less even though we have no official recognition

Please G-d there will be no additions in the year to come
Chag Sameach

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